Both of our Kitchens have a dedicated menu for our vegan diners, featuring a wide variety of plant-based dishes that are exquisite in flavour, texture and presentation. Sample May Fair Kitchen’s delicious Wild mushroom risotto with black truffle or the Courgette tataki with black truffle ponzu. At Peter Street Kitchen, indulge in vegan dishes such as our Chargrilled cabbage steak with jalapeño truffle dressing.

Our Vegan Menu

at May Fair Kitchen

May Fair Kitchen’s chefs have developed a vegan menu that highlights the finest plant-based flavours of our Japanese and Italian cuisine. Ask your waiter for our dedicated vegan menu when you arrive for your dining experience. 

Our Vegan Menu

at Peter Street Kitchen

Savour our plant-based menu at Peter Street Kitchen, serving signature favourites such as lemon and chilli sea salt edamame, courgette tataki with truffle ponzu and more.