Omakase & Hibachi

Inspired by ancient Japanese culinary traditions, our Omakase & Hibachi experiences are available at Peter Street Kitchen in Manchester and May Fair Kitchen in London. These unique dining experiences have been curated by our award-winning culinary team to bring an extra touch of wonder to your visit. 


The Japanese phrase Omakase, meaning literally “I leave it up to you”, references a fully chef-curated tasting menu that takes you on a meticulously designed culinary journey. The six-course dining experience features a handpicked selection of our finest Japanese dishes.

May Fair Kitchen

Indulge in May Fair Kitchen’s Omakase tasting menu in London’s most iconic neighbourhood. The perfect choice for a celebratory birthday dinner, anniversary, or just in the name of decadence.

Omakase Experience

at Peter Street Kitchen

Dine in the hallowed halls of Manchester’s iconic Free Trade Hall, made even more spectacular by our six-course Omakase menu. A must-try if celebrating in the city. 


Inspired by the tradition of the Japanese fire bowl, Peter Street Kitchen’s Hibachi Experience accommodates up to 12 people around a dramatic Hibachi table, complete with its very own fire pit. It is an elegant choice for birthdays, group dining and client dinners. 

Peter Street Kitchen Manchester Restaurant Decor

Hibachi Experience

at Peter Street Kitchen

The perfect setting for an intimate and semi-private dinner, the Hibachi Experience features carefully considered 7-course tasting menu, showcasing the very best of our contemporary Japanese small plates. 

 Vegetarian Menu